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Black Treat Algicide (3 lbs)



Black algae remover (3 lb) by United Chemicals

  •  Product BT-C12
  •  Also available in cases of 12


• Kills black algae
• Easy to use
• Safe for you and your pets
• Contains no metals

What is Black Treat?
Black Treat is an E.P.A. registered algicide formulated for the killing and elimination of black algae in chlorine/bromine pools.

How do I tell when I have black algae?
Black algae grows on the walls and floor as a black spot that you can scrape off with your fingernail. It is a colony algae that is very hard to kill. You must run a continuous preventative program after you have removed the visible colonies. If none will brush off, look out, you probably have cobalt staining. Use United's Cobalt Cure for cobalt. Cobalt happens only on fiberglass or epoxy.

How do I tell when I have black algae?
Black algae grows on the walls and floor as a black spot that you can scrape off with your fingernail. It is a colony algae that is very hard to kill. You must run a continuous preventative program after you have removed the visible colonies. If none will brush off, look out, you probably have cobalt staining. Use United's Cobalt Cure for cobalt. Cobalt happens only on fiberglass or epoxy.

What benefits can I expect from using it?
Your black algae will be immediately arrested and after you brush off any residue, your pool will have superior water clarity. Run your filter to clear it up.

Is it expensive to use?
No! A 3 lb. bottle will treat 20,000 gallons, and is 2 times as effective as most of the competitors, and we do it better!

How effective is Black Treat?
It is so effective that many pool professionals use it all over the U.S. We guarantee it! Always check your filter with Filter Aid first so you don't waste money.

What does Black Treat do?
It effectively kills black algae and starts to clean up the water of other invisible life forms.

Does Black Treat have copper or other metals in it?
No! It does not contain any heavy metals which can stain your pool.

Does Black Treat affect my pool's balance?
No! But if you over chlorinate your pool, you may affect your test kit results by bleaching and/or causing reactions with the test reagents. Simply add more chlorine/bromine neutralizer to correct the problem.

Can Black Treat Stain?
No! But you must be careful because you use chlorine to activate Black Treat and the chlorine can cause staining. Be sure to use United's Pool Stain Treat first, and then follow bottle instructions.

Is Black Treat ok for my type pool?
Black Treat is k for any type pool.

How safe is it for me, my family and pets?
Black Treat is non-toxic when added to the pool. We treat your pool as though it is drinking water. We have let algae grow on our test pools and then treated with Black Treat. The president of United and his family swim in that same test pool. All our chemicals are produced with the idea that you and your pets could drink the water safely in an emergency.

Is DPD (Pink Chlorine Test) the best for chlorine?
No! Our extensive field experience has shown that the OTO (Yellow Test) is a better choice. Let the test stand for 5 minutes after adding the reagent. Don't worry about free or combined chlorine. United makes depending on DPD (Pink test) obsolete. We also found that DPD is less reliable.

Is there anything different when using Black Treat?
Yes! Your pool will go through a clean-up period that will last from one day to 3-4 weeks. During that clean-up period you may experience a low or no chlorine reading. Don't panic! Just chlorinate continuously. Don't shock! A chlorinator or feeder makes life easy and we recommend them. If you lose your chlorine residual during heavy rain, bather load, or high temperature, just increase your feed rate until the residual comes back.

Do I still need chlorine?
Yes! Black Treat is activated with chlorine. After the initial treatment, chlorinate continuously which is much better than shocking.

How can my pool look so good without a chlorine residual?
Just as judging a person by age as to how he feels is not accurate, testing of pool water does not always tell you what's happening. Many chemistries in the pool can affect your test results. As long as you're feeding chlorine and the pool water looks good, you are reasonably safe.

Is Black Treat all I need?
No! As great a product as Black Treat is, we biodegrade. We highly recommend that you use No Mor Problems® to eliminate all algae in the future. Also, none of our products need any particular water balance to work, but your pool on the other hand does. The main reason that you balance a pool is to control scale, corrosion and staining. United knows that you don't want to work on your pool, you want to enjoy your pool. Ask your dealer for a copy of the revolutionary Hamilton index for easy preventative maintenance.

Can I get rid of algae forever?
Forever is a long time. We have been able to stop algae for 13 years now. How? With No Mor Problems®used as a maintenance program. We suggest you start using No Mor Problems® 48 hours after adding Black Treat. Remember to add No Mor Problems® as per bottle instructions. You will see a visual improvement in water sparkle as proof of No Mor Problems® effectiveness once the stabilization process is complete. We also eliminate shocking!!

Should I use No Mor Problems year-round?
Yes, unless you close your pool in the winter. During the off season, you will need very little No Mor Problems® and you will save time and money on the spring clean-up.

Please share your good results with your friends and neighbors.
We put a lot of time and money into our products to give you the absolute leading edge performance. Our rapid growth is proof that this is smart business. Our customers, professional and homeowner, can recommend us with pride. We are proud that our happy customers are our main sales force,

For more information, please visit this products webpage.
This product was added to our catalog on Saturday 17 February, 2007.
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