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Pristine Salt Chlorinator (100 amp) PRI-100, Reverse Polarity
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Intellichlor Acid washing Kit (520670) by Pentair



Intellichlor Acid washing Kit - Part number: 520670

Contains (closed end union, o-ring, & coupling nut)

This Kit enables you to clean your cell by using the cell itself for the acid.  Just put the cap in and pour your acid soluition into the cell.

The IntelliChlor electrolytic cell must be acid cleaned if excessive scale formation between the plates or debris is present. For more information about cleaning the IntelliChlor electrolytic cell, refer to “Electrolytic Cell Cleaning” in the IntelliChlor User’s Guide (P/N 520589).

IntelliChlor electrolytic cell acid cleaning kit parts The kit includes: One o-ring, one washer, and one cap.

Installing the acid cleaning kit parts:

1. Disconnect the IntelliChlor communication cable from the power center. If the IntelliChlor cell is
connected to an IntelliTouch load center, disconnect the cable from the load center.

2. Remove the IntelliChlor unit from the pool system plumbing. To remove IntelliChlor, first switch off the
system pump and unscrew both unions from the IntelliChlor unit. If the cell cable is attached to the
system pipe, you may need release the cable from the pipe to allow the cell to be placed in the

3. Place the o-ring in the washer.

4. Place washer with o-ring in cap.

5. Screw the cap with washer and o-ring onto the threaded end of the IntelliChlor cell.

6. Proceed to “How To Acid Wash the IntelliChlor Electrolytic Cell” on the back page. IntelliChlor™ Electrolytic Cell Acid Cleaning Kit (P/N 520670)
Instructions (Used for IntelliChlor model IC20, IC40)O-ring Washer Cap 


How To Acid Wash the IntelliChlor Electrolytic Cell

If the electrolytic cell has a tendency to scale, it is recommended that every two months the cell be removed and inspected for scale formation and/or debris. Some filters allow debris to pass through to the cell, possibly lodging between the plates in the cell. A small amount of scale formation is normal. If by looking through the cell it is observed that there is excessive scale formation between the plates or debris is present, the cell must be cleaned either by using a high-pressure jet of water from a garden hose or by acid cleaning. Acid cleaning must be performed if the cell cannot be reasonably cleaned using water from a high-pressure garden hose.

To acid clean the IntelliChlor electrolytic cell:

1. Remove the IntelliChlor unit from the pool system plumbing as described on the previous page.

2. Install the acid cleaning kit on the IntelliChlor unit as described on the previous page.

3. Mix one quart of muriatic acid with one gallon of tap water in a plastic five (5) gallon bucket. Always add acid to the water, never add water to the acid. Always wear eye protection and use rubber gloves. Always work in a well-ventilated area.

4. Place the cell vertically in the bucket with the cap end down, as shown in right side illustration. Carefully pour the acid solution (as described above) into the cell until the blades are just covered. Allow the acid solution to bubble, and to clean the blades. The acid should only be contained in the cell and not around it. A foaming action will begin, which is caused by scale (calcium carbonate) being dissolved from the plates. If rigorous foaming action does not begin, the cell does not need to be cleaned (STOP THE CLEANING PROCESS - go on to step 5). Otherwise, allow the cell to remain in the solution until the foaming has stopped. However, do not leave in acid for more than 1/2 hour. Excessive Acid Washing will damage electrolytic cell.

5. Pour the acid solution back into the five gallon bucket. Rinse the cell thoroughly with clean tap water and inspect. If deposits are still visible, pour the acid back into the bucket and carefully pour
the acid solution into the cell until the blades are just covered for further cleaning. Additional acid may need to be added to the solution.

6. Rinse the cell again with clean tap water and inspect. If clean, replace the cell and resume normal

7. After the acid wash procedure is complete it is recommended that a sample of pool water be analyzed by an authorized IntelliChlor service representative for excessive hardness and/or improper water balance.

8. If no scale or debris deposits are observed in the cell after two bimonthly inspections, it is not necessary to continue bimonthly inspections. However, due to possible changes in pool water
chemistry and filtering effectiveness, it is recommended that the cell be removed for inspection at least twice a year.

9. Unscrew cap with washer and o-ring from the threaded end of the IntelliChlor unit. The acid cleaning parts can be used again for future IntelliChlor cell cleaning.

10. Using the two unions, install the IntelliChlor unit into the system plumbing, connect the communication cable to power or load center, then switch the pump on. View of cell plates from top

WARNING Working with muriatic acid can be dangerous. When cleaning elements always wear rubber gloves and eye protection. Always add acid to water, do not add water to acid. Always work in a well-ventilated area. Splashing or spilling acid can cause severe personal injury and/or property damage.

This product was added to our catalog on Friday 12 October, 2007.
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