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New Warranty on Generic Cells. 6 year Limited, 2 Year full, and 4 years pro-Rated! Best in the Industry

DID YOU KNOW WE STOCK USED PARTS! Control boxes, housings, knobs, PCB Boards, etc. Too many to list, call to see if we have a part you can use for LESS!
Local Number in Phoenix, AZ (480-482-7029) Toll Free (877-659-5470) is the number site in the world for Salt Water Chlorinators, Electrodes (Cells) and parts. We have access to every part for every chlorinator. Call us for your special needs.

Before you order a salt cell, make sure you have checked your proper salt level for your brand of Chlorinator. Open and download our salt chart on the right side. Many salt cells problems are from running on low salt.

We sell parts for all brands of salt water swimming pool chlorinators, world wide. If your brand is not listed please contact us and we will locate whatever part you may need.

We are a Specialty Company and we do not stock everything on our website! Some items are hard to find, but we have the sources to track them down and this may take some time. We also have items special made at our factory affiliate in Australia and can take up to a 30 day lead time. The shipping costs that you select, are only after the item has shipped, this is NOT from the time you place your order. If you have any questions, please email us at prior to your purchase.

All of the Salt Water Chlorinator Replacement electrodes (cells) manufactured by have a 6 year warranty, 2 year full and 4 year Pro Rated warranty. Commercial Saltwater Chlorinator Cells(Electrodes) have a 1 year full and 5 year Pro Rated warranty from (This is the best warranty in the world. See details on pro ration. All Original Saltwater Chlorinator Replacement Cells come with the factory warranty.

We also sell the original factory Salt water pool chlorinator cells for all brands of systems. We also supply many major brands of salt water chlorinators as well as accessories and chemicals for your pool or spa. If you don’t see it, ask us.
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We offer a substantial discount for the industry on all saltwater chlorinators and salt water chlorinator replacement cells. We are your one stop shop for all your Salt Generator needs.

Once you establish an account and are verified as a dealer, you will automatically see your discounts. Please go to contact us page on right side of home page and click on dealer sales. You can e-mail us your info right now to Once verified, we will apply your discounts, and the next time you log in your discounts will appear.

Note: Salt Water Chlorinators are sometimes called salt water generators, or salt water swimming pools and are the fastest growing segment of the swimming pool industry. This is because of the great water quality they produce, and saves time as well, not making that trip to the Pool Store for Chlorine the safety of not having to store chlorine. No more green hair or red eyes. No more chlorine smell. They are great for Swimming Pools, Spa, Hot tubs and even fountains. Let your family enjoy the luxurious water with a smooth silky feeling. Once you swim in a Salt Water chlorinated swimming pool you will never go back to tablet (processed) chlorine. We will also guide you on what system to purchase and how to operate it after the purchase. We are specialists in water chemistry for Salt water chlorinated swimming pools.

We do not sell Salt Water Chlorinators to reduce your total maintenance cost, but we sell them for the fact the the pool is much safer to swim in for children, and adults. You do not injest the carcinogens into your blood, reducing your chances of cancer from chlorine. The initial cost is a factor, and systems do require maintenance, but if you are looking to protect your children, or whoever may swim in your pool, a salt chlorinator is a must have feature. Nothing on your pool is as important as the sanitization. Why would you spend thousands of dollars on a swimming pool or spa only to have the cheapest chlorinator you can find or perhaps none at all? This is an investment in your family and not a luxury. Remember that saltwater generators and saltwater chlorinators are one in the same. A Salt Water Swimming Pool is not a fad, but a reality in proper swimming pool sanitation.