Booster (100 Lb) Stabilizer-100% (Cyanuric Acid)


Booster (100 Lb) Stabilizer-100% (Cyanuric Acid)

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Booster(100 Lb) Stabilizer-100% (Cyanuric Acid) Foreign

Specs: 5 lbs will raise CYA to 30 ppm in a 20,000 gallon pool. 98% Cyanuric Acid, 2% inert.

Cross Reference: Wego (2790-B), Hasa (65101 /021802651016), Pool Season (50-8100 / 035186201026), All Clear (AQT1067), Oreq (65101)

Stabilizer is called Booster or Cyanuric Acid. It slows down the reaction time that it takes the sun to turn your clorine back to salt. You should keep your CYA level between 50 to 80 in any type of pool except Indoor pools which do not have Sun to destroy the chlorine.

* Reduces Chlorine loss from sunlight
* This is not a US product. It is made in China
* Use 2.5 lbs per 10,000 gallons ro raise 15 ppm
* Product may be Hasa or another brand.

Tech Note: The Best Way to Add Conditioner to pool is through the skimmer, while the filter and pump are running. Do not backwash for 72 hours after adding. Pour in slowly so you do no clog the skimmer.

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Weight 107 lbs
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