Pentair Intellichlor (IC-40) Replacement Salt Cell (520555) * Generic


Pentair Intellichlor (IC-40) Replacement Salt Cell (520555) * Generic


Intellichlor Salt Cell Replacement (Model IC40) Up to 40,000 gallons By Pentair (520555) * Generic

This is not manufactured by Pentair

Specs: 27.125 grams per hour, 1.4 lbs per day. 22-39 vdc @ 6 amps

  • Cell only- No Power Center
  • Need power center to control Cell
  • Generic Cell, Not original from Pentair
  • Part Number: 520555
  • 1 year warranty

Note For Original Use 304-520555

Note: This cell is not compatible with Automation such as Easy Touch.

Service Note:

1. If the user want to calibrate salinity,please press”MIN”and “MAX” in the mean time and press quickly for few
times. When the display show “SALT Tsys:” by pressing “MAX” to reduce salt level, and “MIN” to increse salt
level. For example,current salinity is 3720ppm,if you want to reduce 107ppm,press “MAX ” then current
salinity will be 3720-107= 3613ppm.The number 107,108 etc means 107ppm and 108ppm. If you want to
increase salinity,pls press “MIN”.

2 .Important information for Pentair complete system:
When install Pentair complete system,pls make sure Pentair cell cables well connected with Pentair
power,then power on.

3. The generate light turns on green and stay solid when it connected to power, only when the light blinking
indicates that the machine is generating.

Additional information

Weight 8.0 lbs
Dimensions 17.0 × 7.0 × 7.0 in


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