Phosphate Remover (1 gallon) Orenda (PR-10000A-GAL)


Phosphate Remover (1 gallon) Orenda (PR-10000A-GAL)

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Phosphate Remover (1 gallon) Orenda (PR-10000A-GAL)

Compare to: Vanson Sea Klear (Phosphate remover), All Clear (AQT2083)

Available in Pints, Quarts Gallons, 55 gallons and 275 gallons

* 1 qt will remove 10000 ppb in a 10,000 gallon pool (75,700 liters)
* Apply by surface, spray
* Backwash or clean filter, routinely during the first 2 days
* Store at temperatures below 120 deg. F.

Note: Not all phosphate removers are equal. Orenda and Vanson are the best and you apply these into the water. Some others on the market you put thru the skimmer and in or experience, they do not work nearly as well.

If you have been using Phos Free, This product is much better. It will outperform all other products on the market.

Service Note: If you have salt pool or are using Chlorine and you cannot hold chlorine levels or getting Algae, Then your phosphates are high. Don’t rely on your pool store testing your phosphates. Adding this product is the best test you can get. When you add, the water will turn cloudy. The more cloudy the higher the phosphates. Many pool stores will tell you your phosphate levels are low, but don’t rely on that answer.

Call us if you need more info. We are experts in this field.

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