Pool Salt (40 Lb / 16.1 kg) Morton’s or others


Pool Salt (40 Lb / 16.1 kg) Morton’s or others

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Pool Salt (40 Lb / 16.1 kg) Mortons, Cargill or others

Use pool salt for your salt chlorinator needs. Contains no yellow prussiate of soda and free if impurities.

Cross Reference: United Salt (AquaSalt), Morton (3463), North American Salt (35001), Cargill (110003398 / UPC 013600035334)

Delivery in the Phoenix, AZ area only.

Use: 11-POOLSALT40, For Pallet Use: 11-POOLSALT63

To figure how much salt you need, use this formula:

1. Check current salt level
2. Subtract salt needed for your pool chlorinator less Current level
3. Example. If your system requires 3200 ppm and you now have 2000, you need to add 1200 ppm. Take pool gallons x 8.33 x .0012

I you can’t do it please call and we will figure for you.

If you need a salt chart to determine the amount of salt required for your system, please call or e-mail us. Sales@Poolstoreusa.com

Additional information

Weight 43.0 lbs
Dimensions 21.0 × 16.0 × 4.0 in


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