PowerClean Salt 760 Ultra XL, Extended Life, CMP (5200-360-000) 60K***


PowerClean Salt 760 Ultra XL,Extended life Cell, CMP (5200-360-000), 60,000 gallons (Residential)


This product is no longer being manufactured. Use part number 845-52000260000 (5200-260-000). This is the same product with a 3 year warranty.

PowerClean Salt 760 Ultra XL,Extended life Cell, CMP (5200-360-000), 60,000 gallons (Residential)

Replaces: SGS, Breeze 760

Specs: 60,000 gallon Standard pool, 43,000 gallon High demand Pool, 1.88 lbs of chlorine per day. 35.56 Grams per hour. 2.2Amp@220vold / 4.4 amps @110 volt. Cell cord length = 10ft.

Warranty: 4 years on Extended life units.

For 3 year warranty use 52000-260-000 (Ulra)

Note: We would only recommend this for a 35,000 gallon residential pool, unless you are running your pump 24/7. Rule of thumb is 1 gram of chlorine per 1000 gallons or water on a Residential Pool.

Note: If you want a chlorinator that will outlast all other try the K-Chlor. The KGS-35 would be the replacement for this Powerclean. A much superior product.

Note: We do not recommend the CMP Chlorinators. They are prone to service issues and warranty issues. If you want a good chlorinator check out the K-Chlor models. They will outlast the CMP by many years and replacement cells are less expensive. Compare to KGS-35

Additional information

Weight 35.0 lbs
Dimensions 20.0 × 2.0 × 12.0 in


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