Salt Cell Replacement (ESC-16 / M0656USA), Eco-Matic/ Chloromatic * Generic


Salt Cell Replacement (ESC-16 / M0656USA), Eco-Matic/ Chloromatic * Generic


Salt Cell Replacement (ESC-16 / M0656USA), Eco-Matic/ Chloromatic * Generic

Specs: 9 plates, 180mm/7.087 inches, 16 grams per hour

Cross reference: Balboa (71003), Chloromatic ESC-16, M0656

This cell is not manufactured by (Davey Industries/ Monarch/ Chloromatic or Eco-Matic) It is a generic Replacement cell

  • It is Chloromatic ESC-16 in Australia
  • Does not include new housing.
  • If housing is needed please order separately.
  • These cells work with all 110v and 220v models.
  • Generic Salt Water Chlorinator Replacement part
  • Best Warranty in the Industry

New Warranty: This is the best warranty in the World!!

Residential Cells: 6 years Limited:, 2 year full, 4 years pro rated.. Years 3 to 6 are sold at 50% of manufactures MSRP. Warranty covers manufactures defects only.

  • Commercial Cells 6 years Limited. 1 year full and the next 5 are pro rated at 2nd year (80% off Manufactures MSRP), 3rd year (60% off Manufactures MSRP), 4th Year (40% off Manufactures MSRP, 5th & 6th Years (20% off Manufactures MSRP)
  • Warranty does not cover Postage in or out of our facility.
  • Running on low salt will void the warranty
  • We reserve the right to repair, replace or provide a refurbished cell within the full warranty period.

Note: The parent Company Davey Industries (Formally Monarch Industries) of Australia markets under the name of Chloromatic in Australia and worldwide. Eco-Matic is an Australian Made product.

Additional information

Weight 5.0 lbs
Dimensions 12.0 × 5.0 × 5.0 in


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