SGS/ CMP, Salt Cell Housing, No unions (CE112-UVRSP) * Original***Obsolete


SGS/ CMP, Salt Cell Housing, No unions (CE112-UVRSP) * Original, Powerclean Econ SGS/ CMP, Salt Cell Housing (no Unions), 52000-200-103 * Original


SGS/ CMP, Salt Cell Housing (no unions) Salt Water Generating Systems (52000-200-103) * Obsolete

This part is obsolete and Part number has changed with CMP. New number is 52000-200-102.  Old number was CE112-UVRSP

This is the old style with No Unions. New CMP Part number is: 52000-200-103)

There is also a housing with unions. That number is 52000-200-102 (We recommend using that part.

Cross Reference: Pool thing (403CE), Sapphire (), Crystal Clear(), Pool Ex (), Atlantis (), Poolstore (), K-Chlor(537-Housing), SGS (CE112-UVRSP), Pristine, Calimar (1IA0CAL0-Housing), CMP (52000-200-102 / 849640034026, with Unions), CMP (52000-200-103/ 849640034033, Without Unions)

* For Generic housing without unions order the Generic Cell. Part number 537-Housing. That is much cheaper and a stronger design and a 5 year warranty. We can also add unions if you would like.

SGS is now owned by Custom Molded Products (CMP) with is part of Fluidra

  • To replace the nut use 533-401CE
  • For housing o-ring Part number is: CE107-C3-6

Additional information

Weight 3.0 lbs
Dimensions 14.0 × 10.25 × 8.75 in


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