SmarterSpa+ Hot Tub & Spa Saltwater Chlorinator w/Control App(SmarterSpa+)


SmarterSpa+ Hot Tub & Spa Saltwater Chlorinator w/Control App(SmarterSpa+)


SmarterSpa+ Hot Tub & Spa Saltwater Chlorinator w/ Chlorine
Detection and App, Controlomatic (SmarterSpa+)

Download the APP to use from Anywhere!

Specs: 30 gram per day, Self Cleaning, Up to 1000 gallons,
15′ power cord, 10′ cell cord, 110/220 VAC, 5Vdc power.

The SmarterSpa+ requires no spa modification. Simply attach
the control panel to the Spa skirt, add 1.5 pounds of salt per
100 gallons of spa water, drape the cell over the side into the
spa water and plug it in. The power supply uses 110 / 220 VAC
and outputs a low voltage 5Vdc to the Cell.

The SmarterSpa sysemts don’t operate on a timed cycle like all
other salt chlorine generators. SmarterSpa & SmarterSpa+are
the only salt chlorine generator in the world with chlorine detection
built into the cell. Traditional salt systems turn on at a fixed cycle
which is called the power level, they turn of if they need to
or not. The SmarterSpa systems measure the chlorine, and when
it needs more will start a chlorine generation cycle. Even if
you set the chlorine production to maximum, it will not
over-chlorinate your spa.

It can be a challenge to to keep the water in your spa or hot tub
crystal clear and odor free. If you forget to add chlorine for a
single day or the chlorine feeder runs out and you don’t refill
it that could lead to spa problems. Due to the higher temperature
of the water the chemical balance is critical to be continuously
maintained to keep it safe. Proper spa maintenance leads to your
spa being safe when you want to use it. Even if the water looks
good you should measure the chemical balance before use.
Spa chlorine generators can greatly reduce spa problems and
spa maintenance as they continuously make chlorine (or bromine)
every day so you don’t have to.

SmarterSpa comes in a drape over the side version with a cell that
allows for removing the titanium plates. To install inline simply
remove the electrode and purchase the fittings needed to install in
with the plumbing in your spa.

The SmarterSpa(+) electrodes can be easily removed from the cell for
cleaning if needed. Even though reversing polarity is provided,
if the calcium hardness in the water is very high cleaning may be
needed from time to time. The blue cable is 10 feet long and has 2
wires for supplying power to the titanium plates and 2 wires for the
chlorine detection sensor.

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 7 × 5 in


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