TruClear Salt System (35k) With universal Unions Zodiac (TruClear11KU)


TruClear Salt System (35k) With universal Unions Zodiac (TruClear11KU)


TruClear Salt System (35k) With universal Unions Zodiac (TruClear11KU)

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For Model without unions use: Truclear11K

Technical Note:  Even though Jandy says this is for 35,000 gallons, We cannot recommend it for that.  It takes 1 gram of chlorine per 1000 gallons on residential Pools. This unit puts out 17.5 grams per hour.  It should only be used for a pool under 17,500 gallons.  Rule of thumb is to take your pool size in gallons. Then multiply by 1.5 to 2.0 to size properly.  (EXP: 20k pool = 20 grams per hour.  Multiply x 1.5. so you need a unit that will produce 30 grams per hour)  This will allow many extra years of performance as well as proper chlorine levels. 

Specs: 17.5 grams per hour, 430 grams per day. .93 lbs of chlorine per day,

* Minimum Flow Rate 76 LPM (20 gpm)
* Salt Leve_ 3000 ppm
* 120/ 240 VAC
* Input Current @ 240 vac = 2 amp
* Input Current @ 120 vac = 4 amps
* Output Voltage: 25 vdc (Max)
* 3 year warranty
* will link to iAqualink

Simple, Reliable Saltwater Chlorination The Jandy TruClear Salt System was designed from the ground up to be simple to own and maintain without sacrificing performance or reliability. It can also be controlled from a smart phone using the iAquaLink™ app when combined with AquaLink® Automation Systems. Features include durable Jandy Never Lube Valve construction, a compact design for easy integration in most equipment pad configurations, and a transparent window for quick visual inspection of blades. The energy-efficient TruClear also works at extremely low-flow rates making it fully compatible with variable-speed pumps

Additional information

Weight 19.0 lbs
Dimensions 24.0 × 13.0 × 6.5 in


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